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Hi there, I'm Martin and I'm a computer scientist. I work at University of Copenhagen, focusing on computer science education (CSEd), increasing diversity in the computer science, as well as how we can build scalable models for bridging school and university education. I'm also interested in how art and philosophy can inspire how we think about, understand and disseminate computer science as a field of study.

I have a broad interest in most aspects of computing, currently with a heavy focus on education. I will use the blog to concretize my thoughts, and hopefully get some contructive feedback by doing so. Posts on the blog will be on topics such as curiosity, diversity in computer science, cognitive-load theory, philosophy of computer science, student collaboration — all in the context of computer science education.

My plan is both to present general techniques, as well as examples of concrete learning activities or lesson plans, and finally I'd really like to write about how terms such as "Computer Science" and "Coding" might emphasize the wrong things, and thereby developing wrong preconceptions among students, teachers, EdTech industry as well as among computer scientists themselves.

I got interested in teaching back in 2008, while I was still a undergraduate student, and since 2015 I have been deeply involved in the national Danish movement for Computer Science Education called "Coding Pirates". The last 5 years I have been running a computer science club for around 30-40 kids every monday. I did my Ph.D. in domain-specific programming languages for High-Performance Computing from 2013-2017, and I'm still an avid fan of declarative and functional programming (but I'm not dogmatic about it).

When writing here, I'm neither representing University of Copenhagen nor Coding Pirates, but I'd still like to link to them: